Jewellery Retouching by Anil Kumar


Anil Kumar is a well known Jewellery Photographer & Retouching artist based in New Delhi, India.

Pro Retouchers is a modern hi-tech retouching studio with 3 teams of specialized retouching artists.

At Pro Retouchers we take up –

1. Precious Jewellery Retouching Jobs

2. Fashion Jewellery Retouching (Models wearing Jewellery)

3. Imitation Jewellery Retouching

Rates :

1. Our precious jewellery retouching rates start from US$ 4 to US$100

2. Our Fashion Jewellery retouching rates start from US$6 to US$100

3. Our Imitation Jewellery retouching rates start from US$2 to US$10

4. Our Semi precious or imitation jewellery in bulk quantity / regular business rates for online store
will be quoted as per the requirement. This rate may start from US$ 0.50